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  • solar-foliar

    Solar (Foliar)

    Solar is an economical liquid formulation with 7 chelated micronutrients.

    Net Contents: 9.46 L (11.90 kg)

  • thrive-II-foliar

    Thrive II 0-19-9 +9% Ca (Foliar)

    A foliar application designed to relieve (or protect) the plant from stresses related to a variety of conditions that typically occur under intense turfgrass maintenance conditions.

    Net Contents: 9.46 L (14.81 kg)

  • trigger-foliar

    Trigger (Foliar)

    A formulation designed as a foliar iron supplement to promote dark green leaf colour response and enhanced plant health.

    Net Contents: 9.46 L (11.66 kg)

  • vitalize-II-foliar

    Vitalize II (Foliar)

    A complete foliar biostimulant package designed to be the ‘backbone’ of a regular fertility program on high maintenance turf grasses.

    Net Contents: 9.46 L (11.76 kg)

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