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Turf Health Products Co.'s exclusive chemistry excels at managing turfgrass in the Pacific Northwest. The manufacturing of all the products in the Turf Health Products Company, is done in the Pacific Northwest; some in Western Canada and others in Washington State. This was done with the goal of being a regional support group for all turfgrass managers in this area, and allowing us to pass the freight savings on to you.

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Advanced Product Line

THP's mission is to build and develop the most advanced and complete product line for today's turfgrass managers. Let the Turf Health Products Company support that desire to achieve the utmost in quality, while being conscious of Cost, the Environment, and Your Customers.



Proven Results.

Turfgrass Soil Analysis has never played a more important role in the management of turfgrass’ than it does today. With tightening environmental regulations and ever present budgetary constraints, today's turfgrass managers have to look deeper and wider than ever before.

  • Samples are collected and sent to Agsource Harris Laboratories in Lincoln, NE.
  • Samples can be sent to I.S.T.R.C. laboratories for a complete diagnosis of physical properties.
  • We can look even deeper to see how microbiology if affecting your soil chemistry and potential for disease pressure with an Earth Fort Microbial Analysis.

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