Tournament Ready Pkg

Trigger, Restore, Load K, Sentry, Fortify.

If anyone is looking for “punch” to impress any client from the corporate golf market to the local professional event, and even those tough to prepare for “Member Events” – these five products will accomodate that success. Focussed on increased density, strong cell turgidity and an excellent and long lasting dark green color response; this recipe fits the bill for “bulletproof turf” –

THP's exclusive AAA Chelation Technology outperforms all other chelates on the market. With an Atomic mass of 147 and a neutral ionic charge, THP chelates slide into the plant more efficiently allowing for reduced application rates equalling or surpassing performance of other micronutrient products. Reduced total salts and prolonged tank mix and soil stability make THP chelates the obvious choice.


Come on Man…..Pull the Trigger