'Touch' Down Rooting Pkg

Enrich, Awaken, Vitalize, beneBlok, restor8.   

A 1-3-0 ratio NPK with a complete micro nutrient package, all 36 precursor L amino acids required for supreme turfgrass quality, combined with the added benefit of a broad spectrum microbial inoculate+carbon complex. This package is designed to push this and foster increased root 'Carbo-Loading' for strong spring/ fall rooting and plant endurance throughout the peak summer and winter seasons.

Eco Health's Broadspec Technology can be added to 'Any THP Tank Mix', soil or foliar, because of THP's exclusive advanced AAA  and Organo Guard shielded Technologies. 

THP's exclusive PolyamineTM Chelation Technology outperforms all other chelates on the market. With an Atomic mass of 147 and a neutral ionic charge, THP chelates slide into the plant more efficiently allowing for reduced application rates equalling or surpassing performance of other micronutrient products. Reduced total salts and prolonged tank mix and soil stability make THP chelates the obvious choice.