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Craft your own solution for every aspect of Turfgrass management with THP's ecologically and economically efficient technologies. 40 years combined turfgrass agronomic experience, 10 years sourcing the most advanced available technologies. Serving 100's of turfgrass managers in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

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As a result of these highly efficient forms of nutrients, THP's organic chemistries are compatible with beneficial organisms due to the shielding properties of our chemistries; allowing you to approach turf health from a truly Bio-Chemical tactic.

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Not All Phosphites Are Created Equal

Nutriphite formulation delivers better performance.

Don’t risk the success of your turf with unproven claims. Achieving and maintaining a stable solution is important for optimal results, especially in tank-mixes with micronutrients, pesticides and other inputs. In a very short period of time, other phosphites show a distinct amount of precipitate build up. Nutriphite clearly shows a stable formulation, no precipitate and no chemical residue.

VS the Competition

0-28-26  0-28-26


Nutriphite and competitive phosphite, both with same analysis of P2O5 and K2O, each diluted in water and mixed with copper sulfate.

15 seconds
Nutriphite after 15 seconds on the left vs unprotected phosphite on the right.
90 Seconds
Nutriphite after 90 seconds on the left vs unprotected phosphite on the right.