Heat Stress Pkg

Sentry, Thrive, Load K, Fortify, Turf Screen

The plants ability to cool itself is put in jeopardy during periods of heat stress. The Heat Stress Package aids in the plants ability to regulate transpiration and respiration during periods of intense summer heat. An advanced formulation of amino acid chelated calcium, stabilized phosphite, potassium carbonate (proven disease resistance) and balanced bio-stimulation for supreme canopy cooling.

Independent field tests show that Turf Screen significantly improves turf quality and health by filtering ultraviolet and solar radiation and shielding plants from stress, even in extreme heat.

THP's exclusive AAA Chelation Technology outperforms all other chelates on the market. With an Atomic mass of 147 and a neutral ionic charge, THP chelates slide into the plant more efficiently allowing for reduced application rates, while equalling or surpassing performance of other micronutrient products. Reduced total salts and prolonged tank mix and soil stability make THP chelates the Professional's choice.