Sumo Bio-Bags

SUMO Bio-Bags are 100% Oxo-Biodegradable Refuse Bags featuring EPI's TDPA technology. Sumo Bio-Bags are now available in Bright Green for high visibility or Clear for recycling with both options engineered for maximum capacity

  • Will totally degrade within 12-24 months when discarded in landfill conditions
  • Decompose into the natural elements of carbon dioxide, water, biomass, and minerals
  • Use EPI's Pioneering TDPA™ Technology - the only true oxo biodegradable plastics technology
  • The environmentally responsible choice

The major use of single use plastics is as packaging. Many such products are contaminated by the food or other products that they contain and are currently impractical to recycle or they are intended as containers for other waste materials. As a result, most of this is destined for landfills, unfortunately as litter and increasingly to compost facilities.


Standards exist for plastics to be designated as compostable. EPI’s TDPA® incorporated products do not meet these standards, primarily because they do not biodegrade quickly enough in a compost environment. Nonetheless, operators of a number of managed compost facilities accept bags using this technology as an affordable alternative to generally more expensive technologies that meet the standard requirements. Properly designed bags utilizing TDPA® technology disintegrate to meet compost quality requirements and, while they do not biodegrade quickly enough to meet compostable plastics standards, this can be an advantage as they sequester carbon in the soil and contribute to soil structure and fertility.


Very importantly, TDPA® incorporated products process virtually identically to the unmodified products and have the same physical properties. This, coupled with their affordability, differentiates them from other types of biodegradable plastics so that they are readily adopted and provide these benefits to the greatest number of consumers and therefore to the environment.