Spray Nozzles

Tee jet Nozzles

As part of an Environmentally Responsible turfgrass management program the tools to apply the products you choose, have never been more important.  The delivery mechanism –the nozzle- plays the most important role in successful plant application technology.  The THP Co. has been associated with TeeJet Technologies for more than 12 years.  Our present supplier is in Washington State and the most specific product orders are available in 3 days.

As well the THP Co. team carries an inventory “On Board” for the more mainstream product choices; from the XR series to the AIC selection and now the 30/70 AIC (2-directional spray pattern for increased coverage and reduced wind drift) – Choose the right tool for the right job to maximize the success of the chosen application.  All soil applied nozzles (FloodJets, TwinJets, and TurboJets), are available as well.  Parts from gaskets to diaphragms and manifolds to spray gun can be order for same week delivery.

Your performance depends on it, and your reputation relies on it.  High Quality products for a high quality result.