Steric Technology in All THP Soil Nutrient Liquids

Micro-Granule Fertilizers in Liquid Suspension

Custom Blended Steric Soil Liquids Now Available

THP Co. Steric products deliver soil-applied nutrients that delay the chemical fixation reactions in the soil between phosphorus, potassium and sulfur in alkaline or acid soils. Steric chemistry allows for phosphorus, potassium and sulphur to enter and stay available for longer periods in the soil solution. Local trials have shown 16-18 weeks of availability in soil solution.

New for 2015, the THP Co., will be using the soil data results from our audit process, to Custom Blend this technology into exactly what the soil audit suggests. Ergo, the rootzone tested will receive what it requires to run at maximum efficiency for a minimum of four months: having confidence that these products will be plant available for that long, is another way that the THP Co. provides the Professionals Choice.



Nutrients are absorbed in specific ionic (charged) molecules or elements.  Called inorganic – know them!

Nitrogen – NO3- or NH4+

Phosphorus – H2 PO43- and some HPO42-

Potassium – K+

Calcium – Ca2+

These elements do not exist in the soil for long in this form.  Therefore Time is NOT your friend: Nutrient tie-up is fast!  Unprotected nutrients, in the ionic form, will be tied up in minutes.


Only THP Co. offers complexed macronutrients with long-term protection, in the PROPER FORM

Steric Chemistry forms a shield over the exposed negative charge on the nutrient Ion to protect it from rapid tie-up


Phosphate is mined from the ground in the form of Calcium Phosphate or ROCK phosphate – it is NOT plant available.  Then it's heated or treated with acid to form plant available forms of P.   The result is a mix of various molecules, orthophosphate (OP) (PO43-) and polyphosphates.  OP is very reactive and needs to be protected by Steric chemistry.

The Result 

Steric Soil Liquids are up to 3 times more efficient than other forms of the same element allowing you to get the job done with less equals Superior Technology.