Organic Green 8-2-14

8-2-14 Organic granular (For All high quality turfgrass communities)

This homogeneous blend of 35% organic content from decayed leaf waste will enhance the micro-biological environment of high sand content  greens / sports fields. Particle size will provide even distribution and rapid breakdown into the soil profile. Analysis has a 1:2 ratio of N:K along with methylene urea to provide long lasting nitrogen release. Huma-Plus also contains soil penetrating technology to aid in the “re-wetting” of LDS areas.  Complete in every way there is a solid foundation of typical minor nutrients that are found to be deficient in the soils of the Pacific Northwest.  This product is produced and manufactured using Canadian Raw Ingredients.  Using this product for excellent quality performance on all plant communities, is like following the “100 Mile Diet” for your turfgrass.