Homogeneous Prill

Other Homogeneous Granular Fertilizers

The THP Co. provides a selection of six greens grade granular fertilizers; one to suffice for each season as well as a 100% MU product for excellent summer performance.  Again the manufacturing of these products is all done in Canada.  Thus, the price of product is not affected by the American $$$$. The average cost of these products are $1.00/lb ($2.20/kg).  As a 100% homogeneous granular fertilizer goes, there is not a more affordable choice.

11-20-12 – Starter

12-2-24 – Fall Prep

10-6-12 - Complete

18-2-16 – Summer Blend

21-0-21 – 100% MU

0-0-25 – w/12.5%Ca