Turf Screen



See it and believe it
The Turf Screen treated turf above the black line in this photo is lush and green, while the untreated turf below the black line is showing stress and wilt.


Turf Screen Is 100% Safe

Turf Screen™ is formulated with the same all-natural ingredients that are approved by the FDA for preventing sunburn, so it’s completely safe for your turf and the environment.

Turf Screen Is 100% Effective

Independent field tests show that Turf Screen significantly improves turf quality and health by filtering ultraviolet and solar radiation and shielding plants from stress, even in extreme heat. With Turf Screen, you'll save water, save labor and build resistance to secondary pathogens, while increasing turf density and promoting photosynthesis and respiration.

Turf Max Professional Products

We formulate all of our Turf Screen products to provide year-round protection from damaging solar radiation, UVB radiation and extreme environmental conditions. The concept is simple, the science is sound and the results are proven: Turf Screen products significantly improve turf quality, reduce operational expenses and help provide faster, firmer, tournament-quality turf conditions all season long.