Champions Pkg

Refresh, Vitalize, Enrich, Fortify, Sentry.

Built for the golf course superintendent who chooses their own NPK. This package enhances cell division, plant protection, and amino acid production. On a 7- 10 day model, these products will continue to build "the marathon runners' endurance" required for the high end putting surface. Traffic stress, disease pressure and environmental challenges are all managed more effectively with the use of the Champions package. 

THP's exclusive AAA Chelation Technology outperforms all other chelates on the market. With an Atomic mass of 147 and a neutral ionic charge, THP chelates slide into the plant more efficiently allowing for reduced application rates, while equalling or surpassing performance of other micronutrient products. Reduced total salts and prolonged tank mix and soil stability make THP chelates the Profesional's choice.