Customizable Turfgrass Management Packages

Build your own solution for every aspect of Turfgrass management with THP's exclusive technologies. Effective management of turfgrass often relies on the combination of products to achieve a solution to a specific challenge. Tank Mix Tragedies can be avoided with THP's exclusive nutrient shielding technologies. Polyamine, Steric, Nutri-phite technologies allow for the seamless mixing of a variety of products within the THP line. These technologies liberate you from the limitations of conventional forms of nutrients, often letting you leave the shop with over 13 things in the tank....NO Problem.



Super Bonus!

As a result of these highly efficient forms of nutrients, THP's organic chemistries are compatible with beneficial organisms due to the shielding properties of our chemistries; allowing you to approach turf health from a truly Bio-Chemical tactic.

Liberate Yourself from Tank Mix Tragedies!

with THP's Advanced Bio-Chemical Packages.


'The future is here'

Check out our Pre-Built Tank Mix Packages designed for The Pacific Northwest

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